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Online casino
What is a online casino? Its really simple! A online casino is a casino but not in a big building but on the internet on your computer. All the things you can do in a real casino you are able to do in a internet one. The big profit of playing on the internet is that your at house and that you will get nice bonusses from the internet casino's that you won't get in real casino's!

The casino feeling
The most people who did not play a online casino say that they don't like to do it because they miss the feeling of real gambling. This was something the casino companies were worried about but they found a solution; Live dealers! A live dealer is a real dealer (wearing a suite) and who works for your game. So for example you play blackjack with a live dealer, you can choose a dealer and start playing. Just like in a real casino you will be able to chat, see and hear the dealer. Due to the technology of today you are able to play the best gamble games with more people on one table and in real time with a dealer!

You are welcome!
This is a thing the casino's want to give you, a warm welcome! When you are joining a gamblingsite you will be able to get a deposit bonus on your first deposit. This bonus should be around 50 to sometimes 300%! So you deposit 50 euro's, you will get 100 to 350 euro to play with. One thing is important, the casino does not give you this money "just for free". You will need to wager your bonus xx times before you can pay this out, these rules are listed in the bonus agreements.

Safe and fun!
To play a casino on the internet is really fun. In the past there were different cases of fraud known and a lot of players think that is still is, but is isnt! The casino companies of today use external payment providers to process the deposits. When you start purchasing casino coins your transaction is encrypted 128 to 256 bits, wich is a lot! Furthermore the gamblingsite is not able to see fraud sensitive information, the creditcard number etc will stay secret and will be used only 1 time by the payment provider.

Start playing a casino online today but do it responsible. Casino addiction is one of the worse there is, only play with money you can offort to lose. Furthermore we wish you good luck with playing your casino games. For more information you can click the links in the text.

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